Friday, September 30, 2011

Grand Trunk Western Railroad M.O.W Burro crane at the abandoned Elsdon Yard site. Chicago Illinois. September 1987.

I took this photo way back in September of 1987.

Time has finally run out for what ever was left of the operations, at the abandoned Grand Trunk Western Railroad Elsdon Yard on West 51st Street in Chicago Illinois USA.

This little remnant of the yard along the north side of West 51st Street one block east of South Lawndale Avenue, was last being used by the GTW as a makeshift locomotive and crew terminal after the closing of Elsdon Yard in October of 1983.

The little yard office building in the background to the left, is now boarded up. This portion of the Elsdon Yard operations, closed for good in September of 1986.

With the M.O.W Department's Burro crane in the ready, track removal will soon be under way at the once busy GTW Elsdon Yard.

This area today, is slowly being redeveloped for other residential and commercial real estate use, in Chicago's Elsdon neighborhood.

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