Monday, September 19, 2011

I found this historic 1935 steam era photograph from the former Atchinson, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad at My Link page Yesteryear Depot.Com located to the right of Your computer screen at

Seen here, is an Atlantic type steam locomotive with the 4-4-2 wheel arrangement.

These locomotives, were introduced during the 1890's, and were originally designed as fast and powerful locomotives for passenger train service. As passenger trains became longer and heavier, and steel heavyweight passenger cars were introduced, these locomotives were soon proven to be underpowered, and many wound up hauling commuter trains. These engines were adequate for short, light and fast passenger train service.

Toward the end of the steam era, The Illinois Central and the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroads, had placed some of these Atlantic type locomotives on local branchline freight trains.

This example from the Atchinson, Topeka & Santa Fe, is viewed being serviced, fueled and watered prior to departure at an unknown engine terminal.

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