Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Chicago Surface Lines Company electric streetcar on the West 63rd Street line at South Cicero Avenue. Chicago Illinois USA. Circa 1916.

This very rare and historic southwest side Chicago photograph from 1916, was sent to Me recently by Mr. Robert Pitunjac from the Clear Ridge Historical Society of Chicago. (Clearing, Garfield Ridge neighborhoods from southwest side of Chicago Illinois.)

Judging by the way these pedestrians are dressed, this could have been taken during the late Winter, very early Springtime, or even in late Autum.

Chicago quickly had become a "Boom Town City" during the 1800's, and was still in the process of expanding during the early 1900's.

This photo was taken at the intersection of West 63rd Street and South Cicero Avenue, at what is today the site of Chicago's Midway Airport.

Much of Chicago on the south and southwest side of the city, was apparently still quiete rural and countrylike.

Chicago Municipal Airport would open here in 1926, and the original name would later be changed to Chicago Midway Airport after World War 2 had ended. The name change was meant to honor the 1942 World War 2 Allied victory battle against Japan at Midway Island inthe Pacific Ocean.

These people are most likely either going to or departing from their places of employment during rush hour, and are in the process of catching a ride aboard a Chicago Surface Lines company electric streetcar on the Route # 63 / 63rd Street line.

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