Monday, October 05, 2009

Chicago's fascination with 1920's era local underworld gangsters.

Caponie's Trattoria. Chicago Illinois. August 2009.

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When some people think about the city of Chicago Illinois, sometimes thoughts and images of the roaring 20's, Prohibition, Bathtub Liquor, Speak Easys, Tommy Gun machine guns, Gangsters and their henchmen wearing pin striped suits with Fedora hats and Carnations on their lapels come to mind.

One of Chicago's most famous and notorious of this era's underworld gangster bosses, was the legendary Alphonses Capone (Al Capone). Although He wasn't a saint by far, He became known at some point for being a gangster with a heart as well. ( Huh?)
Even though He did what He did as a Crime Boss figure, He had opened up neighborhood Soup Kitchens for Chicago's many poor citizens, and had contributed money and resources to local neighborhood Youth and Sports Groups as well as local charities. too.

Caponie's Trattoria on North Harlem Avenue in Chicago's Mont Clare neighborhood, quite "Lightheartidly" pays tribute to his legendary Chicago historical status.
The food is excellent here, and the house specialty is Brick Oven Pizza.
Even old Scarface "Al" -Da Boss himself would have enjoyed doing lunch here with His boys.

Heck! There is even a sightseeing motor bus tour in Chicago known as "Untouchable Tours" wich visit many sights associated with the roaring 20's era Chicago gangsters as well as a dinner theratre known as Tommy Guns Garage on South State Street.

Some legends don't die out so easy.

Edde K.

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