Monday, September 12, 2011

Pace 2011 Ford Hybrid Paratransit bus # 11108. Glenview Illinois USA. August 2011.

I took this photo last month at My company's garage.

A pleasant surprise on ths hot August day, was a visit by a brand new Pace 2011 Ford Hybrid paratransit bus # 11108.

This little paratransit bus, was photographed behind the First Transit north cook garage, in north suburban Glenview Illinois.


Anthony C said...


Is this a hybrid paired with a diesel motor or a gasoline motor?

Have you had a chance to drive it yet on your route?

Eddie said...

Hi Anthony!

I wish that I had an answer for the technical part of Your question. All I know is that two people from Pace, were in our garage talking to a couple of our mechanics. They were kind, and let Me snap a few photos though.

As far as I know, I don't think our garage is going to be getting any of these anytime soon.

I looked through the tinted windows, and seen that this Ford bus had a really nice interior with stylish and comfortable looking seats.

Eddie K.

Jim said...

That's a funky looking vehicle, love the colour. Do you think this is something we'll always do with commercial vehicles & vans? I love the sense of nostalgia.