Thursday, August 14, 2008

An Amtrak regional inner city passenger train arriving in Chicago on the last leg of it's journey. Chicago Illinois USA. August 2008.

Chicago bound Amtrak arriving in the Windy City. Chicago Illinois. August 2008.

I took this photo in Chicago's Bridgeport neighborhood just outside of downtown Chicago, on a hot and sunny afternoon in August of 2008. This train is traveling slowly eastbound operating on a slow order, as it is making it's final approach to Chicago Union Station. This photo was taken looking north, at the intersection of South Archer and Normal Avenues, on Chicago's near southside.


Anthony C said...

Hey, isn't that the Connie's Pizza parking lot fence in the foreground? Hope you had a nice bite to eat!

Eddie said...

Congratulations Anthony!
Your right as always on this one.
Yes I did take this photo by Connie's. I intend to do a small posting article about Connie's very soon. I put a couple of photos of this place on the links page My Flickr Photo Page.

I used to go to the original Connie's location on west 26th Street a few blocks east of South Halsted Street with My family in the late 1970's and early 8o's.

Maybe We should have a group pizza outing here soon.

Thank You.
Eddie K.

Anthony C said...

Aw heck, now that you have posted a full-on picture of the Connie's sign a couple days later, I don't look so smart in spotting this location.

Years ago, before the Orange Line, the ATSF ran on the embankment pictured. Right about where the Amtrak loco is, a trestle left the embankment and crossed Archer, curving into a second-floor entrance of a factory just to the right of where you were standing fo this photo. Townhouses occupy the spot today.