Friday, August 01, 2008

Friday night at Gene and Judes Hot Dogs. River Grove Illinois USA June 2008..

Gene and Jude's Hot Dogs. River Grove Ilinois. July 2008.

There is nothing like visiting the local fast food drive in restaurant on a weekend for some delicious hot dogs and home cut fries. Gene and Jude's is located on River Road just north of Grand Avenue, in northwest suburban River Grove Illinois. Many hungry locals come here for some good food and fun. The greater Chicago area once had many drive in restaurants like this one. Some had car hop service too.

The baby boomer era lives!


lapstrake said...

Nice night-time shot here.

Ray said...

Hey Eddie ... I love your blog ... any chance we can swap links ... mine is covering the Southwest Suburb of Orland Park

nice site and best regards
Ray Hanania

Eddie said...

I grew up with some of these Drive In restaurants around Chicagoland during the early 1970's. I recall that there was a Dog N Suds in Cicero across the street from Henry's Drive In. There also used to be a Big Boy with speakers and car hop service on Ogden Avenue in Berwyn Illinois.

Most were gone by 1975. Mc Donald's,
Taco Bell, White Castle, Burger King and KFC pretty much took over.

I would love to see a Drive In Revival or Renaisance with car hop service and window trays someday.

Thank You.
Eddie K.