Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The badly weathered Cicero commuter rail station sign. Cicero Illinois USA. September 2007.

The badly weathered Metra Cicero station sign. Cicero Illinois. September 2007.

This is a photo looking north I had taken at the Metra commuter rail station, in immediate west suburban Cicero Illinois. The Metra Cicero open air comuter rail depot, has long since seen better days. This depot is located on South Cicero Avenue / Illinois U.S Route #50 between West 26th Street and South Ogden Avenue -Illinois U.S Route # 34 aka Old U.S Route # 66.

The pavement with the weeds growing through it, is the site of the former Parking lot.
This sign, combined with deferred maintenance, and vandalism of the Metra commuter rail depot, reflect the decaying, economically depressed character of the village of Cicero Illinois itself these days. However...The village of Cicero is working on
several new improvement projects for the near future to enhance, redevelope, and economically stimulate the local business community.

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