Thursday, August 21, 2008

Vince's Pizza on West 63rd Street and South Melvina Avenue. Chicago Illinois USA.

Vince's Pizza window neon sign. Chicago Illinois. Febuary 2008.

Hi friends!
Welcome aboard Eddie's Railfan Page.

A fun outlet and addition to the many creative railfan blogsite
postings I do here at Eddie's Railfan Page, are the many wonderful
outings that Myself and several friends enjoy at any number of
local Chicago area pizza restaurants.

This is Vince's Pizza, located on west 63rd Street and South Melvina Avenue
near Chicago's Midway Airport. Located in Chicago's Clearing neighborhood
at the city limits near the towns of Summit and Bedford Park Illinois, this
is a pleasant neighborhood restaurant with that unique southside Chicago
pizza taste Me and My friends enjoy.

The many pizza outings that we attend occasionally, gives us the chance to
go out together in a group, swap stories, have some much needed fun, and
occasionally meet new people. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting one of
My blogsite readers, Renee, aka Leomemorial here back in March of 2008.
We all had a great time that night.

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