Friday, August 15, 2008

Chicago's famous Connie's Pizza in the Bridgeport neighborhood. Chicago Illinois USA. August 2008.

Chicago's famouse Connie's Pizza. Chicago Illinois. August 2008.

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Seen here in Chicago's Bridgeport neighborhood on the near southside, just west of downtown Chicago Illinois, is a local Chicago restaurant legend "Connie's Pizza".
Connie's is located at South Archer and Normal Avenue's, and has been in business on the southside Bridgeport neighborhood since 1963. The origianl location was on West 26th Street, a few blocks east of South Halsted Street. I ate there at this location many times with My family during the late 1970's and early 1980's.

Around 1983 or so, Connie's went "Big" and soon franchised their popular Pizza restaurant. They now market frozen pizza's in grocery stores, and their pizza slices are sold in the concession stands of many local Chicago sporting events today.
They moved to their current location in a "New" building during the early 1980's, that was built to look like an old brick factory. ( It was a junk yard originally at this location.)

Connie's Pizza is a proud institution in Chicago's Bridgeport neighborhood today.

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