Monday, August 04, 2008

Former Conrail steel gondola car in transit. Elmwood Park Illinois USA. May 2008.

A former Conrail gondola car in tow. Elmwood Park Illinois. May 2008.

I spotted this pre 1999 Conrail gondola car in transit on a speeding eastbound Canadian Pacific freight train. Un noticed by some railfans who devote most of their photography at shooting locomotives, cars like this gondola from predecessor railroad Conrail seen in this mid train photograph, are interesting in their own right. Mid train shots are helpful tools for model railroad enthusiasts as well. Conrail was created in 1976, from a goverment buyout of six bankrupt northeastern railroads.The railroad wich became Conrail, was merged and divided up between the Norfolk Southern Railroad, and CSX Transportation Company in 1999. Equioment from the former Conrail can still be seen today rolling around Chicagoland.

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