Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Shiny brand new Interstate Asphalt Company railroad tank car. The Canadian National RR Crawford Yard. Chicago Illinois USA. June 2008.

Shiny, brand new Interstate Asphalt tank car. The Canadian National ex Illinois Central Crawford Yard. Chicago Illinois. June 2008.

I spotted this unique, fresh from the factory, not a speck of rust on it railroad tank car from the Interstate Asphalt Company, sitting in the Canadian National ex Illinois Central Crawford Yard near the Chicago city limits. I was on a railfan photo shoot outing with good friend and fellow Chicago Railfan Anthony C, in June
of 2008 when we spotted this treasure. The car looked like it had barely rolled it's first mile at all. The paint was shiny, and there was no rust, grime or grafitti
anywhere to be found on this car. It's like the Canadian National just took it out of a kit box after visiting a hobby store. Ha ha ha!

It was refreshing to see this after seeing car upon car grafitti tagged at Crawford Yard that afternoon. A rare sight indeed these days on any rail line.

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Steve Boyko said...

They still look pretty shiny today! Do they have the blue on the ends of the cars?