Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Preserved CTA 1951 Marmon Herrington trolley bus. The Illinois Railway Museum. Union Illinois USA. September 1982.

Preserved CTA 1951 Marmon Herington trolley bus. The Illinois Railway Museum. Union Illinois. September 1982.

I took this photograph at the Illinois Railway Museum, during the September 1982 Members weekend. Seen here is a preserved 1951 vintage Marmon Herrington trolley bus. This was from the "Last" order for new trolleybuses odered by the Chicago transit Authority in 1951. The city of Chicago Illinois had electric trolley bus service on some routes ( Mostly Northside.) from April 17th 1930, untill March 25th 1973. These were the last electric trolleybuses in operation on Chicago city streets until the end of service in 1973. Two of the 1951 CTA Marmoon Herrington trolley buses are preserved at the Illinois Railway Museum and operated from time to time.
They both happen to be the ones that made the last run in 1973.

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Anonymous said...

I trying to find someone who might be interested in seeing models of Marmon-Herrington TC44s. I built entire fleet of models (16in X 3 3/4 X3 3/4. hewn from solid wood), complete with mounted pivotal dual trolley poles, (spring mounted). Fleet painted to resemble New Orleans' fleet from 50s. Also have built F-Line of trolleybuses(after San Francisco's famous F-Line PCC streetcars) painted in traditional liveries of cities such as Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Dayton, San Francisco, Denver, Columbus, Indianapolis, Johnstown, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Kansas City, and Chicago. (All model fashioned to resemble Marmon-Herringtons.