Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The North Clark Street bridge and the Chicago city skyline at night. Chicago Illinois USA. August 2008.

The North Clark Street bridge over the Chicago River and the city skyline. Chicago Illinois. August 2008.

I took this unique late night photo in downtown Chicago Illinois, in August of 2008.
We are looking south at the north entrance to the North Clark Street bridge over
the Chicago River. Although some parts of the city of Chicago Illinois roll up
their sidewalks early, there is plenty of lighted skyscrapers and city scapes to
be photographed and enjoyed by all here in the Windy City on any given night.
Clark Street is always busy with Taxi Cabs and Buses passing through the night.


Anthony C said...

Those great downtown bridges just shout "Chicago." They look even better at night. Nice shot.

Eddie said...

I could remeber how the downtown Chicago bridges, and everywhere else around town, used to be painted in a gray color. There are still a few gray bridges here and there, but this rust colored primer seems to have become the standard around Chicago in the past ten years or so.

Thank You.
Eddie K.

lapstrake said...

Cool shot.

Remember when Mayor Jane Byrne decided to paint the L tracks and bridges and the garbage trucks white with a brown stripe? I guess she didn't realize that white would look filthy in a week!