Friday, September 02, 2011

Historic photo! Playland Park. (Gone.) Justice Illinois USA. Circa1960's.

This historic photo was sent to Me recently, by a Mr. Robert Pitunjac from the Clear Ridge Historical Society of Chicago.

Dune buggies were part of a big automobile craze in America during the 1960's, and children's carnival and amusement park rides were reflecting this trend.

This kiddie carousel ride with a miniature dune buggie, was photographed at Chicago's Playland Park Amusement Park in southwest suburban Justice Illinois.

Playland Park closed in 1979, after the sudden and untimely passing of the park's owner. The park was soon sold to the adjacent trailer park next door, and today the former Playland Park site, is now the site of the large Sterling Estates Trailer Park just north of the Illinois 294 Tollway west of Archer Road / Illinois U.S Route # 171.

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