Friday, September 02, 2011

Chicago & Joliet Electric Railway interurban streetcar on South Archer Avenue east of the intersection at South Harlem Avenue. Chicago Illinois USA. Circa 1920's era.

It's hard to believe.....but this was actually photographed on South Archer Avenue, just east of the intersection at South Harlem Avenue, in Chicago's Garfield Ridge neighborhood during the 1920's.

An eastbound electric interurban streetcar from the Chicago & Joliet Electric Railway, is viewed heading to the east terminal at South Archer and Cicero Avenues.

The former east terminal of the Chicago & Joliet Electric Railway at South Archer and Cicero Avenues near Midway Airport today, is the site of a Chicago Transit Authority bus terminal loop, The Skylark Motel, and Brandy's Restaurant.

This photo was sent to Me recently by a Mr. Robert Pitunjac from the Clear Ridge Historical Society of Chicago.

Thanks Robert.
Eddie K.

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