Friday, March 23, 2007

Evening switching activity at Clearing Yard. (Chicago side) The Belt Railway of Chicago. March 2007.

I took this photo yesterday after work from the south Cicero Avenue bridge. U.S Route # 50.
A Belt Railway of Chicago EMD roadswitcher is seen moving a cut of cars east of the Cicero Avenue bridge near sunset. After driving around all day making sales calls, I rewarded Myself to some railfanning after work.

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tlee169 said...

On the right looking like teeth are the aircraft engine test cells left over from the days when Ford built the Pratt & Whitney B-52 bomber engines. In the 1950's the parking lot started at the bridge and was a sea of autos clear to 76th. Chrysler built the B-29 engines here also, and in between Tucker built his 50 cars in this plant.