Friday, March 09, 2007

A scene from Chicago's neighborhoods past. January 2007.

I took this photo after work in January of 2007.
This is a scene of timeless urban americana. I was lucky to find an old Rexall neon sign from decades ago, at the northwest corner of north Western Avenue and west Augusta Boulevard on Chicago's northside. Best of was still in working order too. These little street corner drug stores were once the daily way of life in Chicago and many other citties across the nation. These neighborhood drugstores were once a place where you could get a prescription filled, and have a hot lunch or ice cream soda at the counter.
The big corporate pharmacy's have largely put these quaint neighborhood stores out of business.


Anonymous said...

What I like is the Fannie Mae sign underneath it. I used to have a Rexel by my house at "six corners." The Fannie Mae was next door.

Eddie said...

We used to have an old Rexall drug store on west 26th Street just east of south Kedzie Avenue in the Little Village neighborhood. I think it was there until approximately 1975.

Thank You.