Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The old Zayre Department Store on Southwest Highway in Chicago's Wrightwood Neighborhood. Chicago Illinois USA. May 1983.

Hello everyone!
Welcome to Eddie's Railfan Page. Today I will be showing You a selection of My Chicago area railroad photographs from the Retro 1980's.

This photo is very special to Me, and could be considered a local forgotten obscurity. This is the old 1960's era Zayre Department Store that used to exisit on Southwest highway, in Chicago's Wrightwood Neighborhood Community.

While I did not work at this particulair Zayre store, Zayre was My first job after I graduated Curie High School, and I worked at the 26th Street store in the Little Village Neighborhood. I worked in Houseware, Hardware, and Auto.


lapstrake said...

Hey, aren't you the guy who stuck the security tag on the shopping cart and got some lady in trouble for shoplifting?

Eddie said...

Ha ha ha!
Yes, thats true. Immature as it sounds. My store was not a very
pleasant work environment, as we
had to literally bust our humps
for minimum wage, and take a lot
of abuse from 2 rude managers.

We did have occasional light hearted comical moments dealing with the public. You should have seen the time one of My buddy's on the store security staff and Myself had to carry a drunk out of the Housewares department. Ha ha!

Bittersweet memorys.

Fuzzy said...

Wow, great stuff, I vaguely remember the two Zayre stores that were in Racine. Both buildings still stand, but have been thoroughly remodeled; the Rapids Drive store is now a Pick 'n' Save, the Durand Avenue store was a HOBO the last I saw. said...

The 2 former Zayre store bld. in my area, Binghamton, Ny still stand, and still have the Ames name on front. But have been closed since 2002. Good memories though.