Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Burlington Northern RR Clyde Yard.Cicero Illinois USA. June 1985.

I took this photo looking southwest, from the Laramie Avenue overpass bridge. A 1950's era EMD model SD-9 diesel roadswitcher from the Burlington Northern Railroad , is seen spotting an outside braced 50 foot boxcar from the BN. Prior to 1970, these same SD-9's worked here and on road freights wearing very distinctive color schemes from predecessor railroad Chicago, Burlington & Quincy. The 1950's era scheme was a very distinctive black and gray with thin red and yellow color seperation stripes on the frame and upper body. The sides had advertising slogans that read "Everywhere West" on one side, and "Way of the Zephyrs" on the other to promote their Pre Amtrak era passenger trains.

Begining in the late 1950's and lasting up to the Burlington Northern merger on March 2nd 1970, many of these old EMD SD series locomotives, began wearing a bright red and gray color scheme with white stripes and lettering, and large BURLINGTON lettering on the sides. Some of the EMD SD-9's assigned to Clyde Yard wore this color scheme into the early to mid 1970's.

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