Monday, May 12, 2008

Northbound CTA Flxible Metro bus passing the intersection of W Fullerton Ave and North Pulaski Road. Chicago Illinois USA. March 2006.

I took this photo on a sunny but chilly day in March of 2006. Seen here is a northbound Chicago Transit Authority Route # 53 Pulaski Road bus, passing the intersection of West Fullerton Avenue and North Pulaski Road on Chicago's northside.


Anonymous said...

im so mad at CTA or chicago transit authority because they retired FLXIBLE METRO BUSES for the new flyer ones. they could just give those buses a new coat of paint and a new engine and new seats etc.

Paul. said...

They retiredn the Flxible Metro buses!!???
Oh No! When did this happen?

Anonymous said...

I could have sworn that I saw one of these last week on Belmont Avenue.

Did they really retire these and when?