Monday, May 19, 2008

Known to flash the motorists on South Harlem Avenue at West 59th Street. Summit Illinois USA.

I took this picture looking up from the center median just south of the intersection at West 59th Street. This set of railroad grade crossing signals guard the Indiana Harbor Belt branchline that crosses South Harlem Avenue in Summit Illinois.


winslow said...

I remember playing on these tracks in my youth.....tracks are located behind what used to be Argo Bowl. We had to cross these tracks 3 blocks away on the way to school, eventually a pedistrain bridge was built.

Anonymous said...

I got stopped by that stupid switching run that would tie
things up on Harlem Avenue here
a little too often for My taste.

Eddie said...

On more than one occasion, I can
recall seeing IHB maintenance crews
replacing broken crossing gates at this location. Proboubly from very impatient truck drivers.

Thank You.
Eddie K.

leomemorial said...

why is it everytime i want to videotape the train, you enver see it but when yoiu don't want the train, here it comes? lol

Eddie said...

Hi Leomemorial!
I felt the same way when I began railfanning on location with a camera during the 1980's. The one railroad I really wanted to photograph back then, was the Illinois Central Gulf who's mainline ran about a mile south of My old neighborhood. The orange and white ICG locomotives as well as the former black and white and red and white Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Railroad units acquired through the 1972 merger, were never around when I waited trackside with My camera. I only have a few Illnois Central photos from that time, as I mostly focussed My 35MM camera on the very busy 3 track Burlington Northern mainline in La Grange Illinois back then.

Thank You.
Eddie K.

Anthony C said...

I've never seen a train at this location, although it's obvious by the shiny rails that they pass through more than just occasionaly.

Eddie said...

Hi Anthony!
Your proboubly better off that You never got stopped here at this railroad crossing. At least not on a full bladder anyway.

I got stopped here a hand full of times by the IHB switching local. The train made several constant foreward and backward movements, and would tie the traffic up on Harlem Avenue for at least a mile.
It's usually in the morning sometimes...but I have also experienced it switching this line around 9 PM on one occasion.

Unfortunately...I am usually in the back of a long line of cars, and nowhere near the train itself.
I hope to get photos of this eventually.

Thank You.
Eddie K.