Thursday, May 15, 2008

Northbound Amtrak Hiawatha train enroute to Milwaukee Wisconsin. Glenview Illinois USA. Early March 2008.

Yes folks, it wasn't that long ago when the greater Chicagoland area had plenty of snow on the ground. I took this photo after work one day, in early March of 2008.

I was traveling south on Lehigh Avenue in north suburban Glenview Illinois, when I spotted this northbound Amtrak Hiawatha service regional train enroute to Milwaukee Wisconsin. The Amtrak Hiawatha corridor, is a very active route between Chicago and Milwaukee on the former Milwaukee Road mainline. If You would ever like to travel to Milwaukee Wisconsin via Amtrak and don't want to board at Chicago Union Station downtown, The Amtrak Hiawatha corridor trains also stop at the Glennview Illinois Metra / Amtrak station on Harlem Avenue just north of Glenview Road. An economical way to travel.

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