Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Eddie's Railfan Page is taking a break!

Hi everyone!
This is Eddie K, Your host and photographer here
at Eddie's Railfan Page.

My blogsite Eddie's Railfan Page, has been officially
on the internet since Febuary of 2006. After nearly
2 and 1/2 years of fun posting, local news stories
and happy memorys from the city of Chicago...I have
decided to take a short "Recess" or "Time Off" untill
further notice. I have many obligations, commitments
long working hours...and unfortunately not much time
for railfanning on location lately.

In the meantime....several of My railfan photos can be viewed
at My Links pages -"Join the Eddie's Railfan Group, and
also at My Flickr Photo Page to the right of Your computer screen.
Also on the links a FUN site called "Mike's Classic Cartoon Themes.'
It's a real laugh down memory lane.

I will be resuming My blogging activities in the near future.
Untill that time...thank You for supporting Eddie's Railfan Page.
This blogsite is having an Intermission untill further notice.

See You again soon with some new railfan photo materials.

Thank You.
Eddie K.


Roger Meadows said...

NOOOOOO This is my main link back to Chicago!

Eddie said...

Hi Roger!
It's alright. I didn't mean to scare You buddy. Untill I renew My subscription and get caught up on some things...I will be posting material soon again. In the meantime i will be answering E-Mail comments from friends like You and a few others.

Unlike the TV shows that You see on TV Land or Nick at night...My railfan photo blogsite internet show may have a re run or two, but it certainly hasn't been cancelled like all of their offerings.

Please stay in touch.
Eddie's Railfan Page will be rolling down the high iron sometime soon. OK?

Sorry to scare You.
Eddie K.

dennis said...

One of my few daily stops on the internet....what am I going to do now?

Eddie, I took a few photos and found a few more, I will e-mail them to you soon.


Eddie said...

Hi Dennis!
Good to hear from You buddy.

I will be posting again soon.
All hope is not lost for My fellow
railfans and Chicagoans alike.

Lets just think of My blogsite....
as being on a "Hold Order", much like many of the trains photographed at My blogsite.
We will be up and running soon.

Ihave to wait for clearance at the immediate crosstrack junction of My life . Please stay in touch.
I will be answering E-Mail comments.

Thank You.
Eddie K.

tlee169 said...

Hi - Your site has been a great link to Chicago for me and there is a lot of material here in the archives. Enjoy a well deserved break.

Eddie said...

Hi Terry!
Great to hear from You today.
I have some things that I need to attend to. Yes thats true. However...Just because I occasionally posted some Elsdon Yard photos, It doesn't mean that My Blogsite will be abandoned like Elsdon was. I should be back up and running in about a Month,
( or sooner even.) In the meantime...I noticed several photos in the archives that weren't commented on yet.

I will still be answering E-mail comments when I find the time to check My site out at the library.

Thank You.
Eddie K.

winslow said...

Take some time. You've reconnected me with the city I love (I moved away long ago). I know the time you have spent on photos and organization takes much time.

Eddie said...

Hi Winslow!
How are You doing today?
I am enjoying My break, but am also
working on a possible
"New and Improved" version of Eddie's Railfan Page. I actually had a little time to go railfanning two weeks ago in Elmwood Park and Franklin Park.
You can see a few of My photos from that at My Links page
My Flickr Photo Page to the right of Your computer screen.

Thank You.
Eddie K.

leomemorial said...

Great work, Eddie. Hope you and your wife are doing well :)

Eddie said...

Hi Leomemorial!
Great to hear from You today.
How have You been lately?

Me and the guys are thinking about doing another Pizza Outing soon.
We may possibly go to "Little Joe's Pizza" in Tinley Park Illinois.
Little Joes was originally on West 63rd street near South California Avenue many years ago.

Your always welcome with all of us.

Thank You.
Eddie K.