Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Your host and photographer at West 49th Street and South Lawndale Avenue. Chicago Illinois USA. July 1989.

Hi everyone!
Welcome aboard Eddie's Railfan Page.
Here I am in July of 1989, at an area on Chicago's southwest side that I consider the birthplace of My railfanning experience. I didn't own a car yet back then...but did pretty well on My 12 speed mountain bike nonetheless. I was in great shape!
I attended nearby Curie High School just west of here alongside these railroad tracks from 1977 to 1981. I witnessed many transfer trains from the Atchinson, topeka & Santa Fe on the Belt Railway of Chicago owned tracks behind Me, and switching locals on the now abandoned Indiana Harbor Belt Stockyards branch. The stockyards branch was located in the foreground by all this brush, and recently had it's rails removed by the time of this photograph. The area where I am standing, is now the elevated embankment of the CTA orange line rapid transit to Midway airport. This is another last look at this area before the construction of the CTA orange line.


leomemorial said...

that was you???? wow

Eddie said...

Hi Leomemorial!
Believe it or not...the chicks didn't even notice Me back then.
I guess I became more attractive as I got older. I guess that I am a late bloomer. I met My wife Cheryl later on. It was worth the wait.

Thank You.
Eddie K.