Thursday, May 01, 2008

Summertime at Chicago's Marquette Park. Chicago Illinois USA. July 1989.

A local family is seen feeding the ducks in Chicago's Marquette Park . I photographed this now vintage looking photograph using 35mm Kodak black and white ASA 100 speed film.

This scene is in the southwest portion of Marquette Park alongside West 71st Street near South Homan Avenue.

Across the lagoon, is the Marqueete Park golf course. I had grown up on Chicago's southwest side, and had spent many a summer afternoon here in past years.


lapstrake said...

Can't tell you how many days and evenings I spent at this park! It used to be the place to cruise until 10 or 10:30 on Fri, and Sat, until the park district closed the park at dusk. This forced all the cruisers to Archer Ave where they clog up the street and cause way too many problems. They should have kept it in the park.

Anthony C said...

Hey Lapstrake--

How many times did one of Chicago's finest tap on your steamed-up window with his flashlight while you were parked in the Marquette Park horseshoe?