Friday, August 01, 2008

A Milwaukee city streetcar from 1924 still operates and carries passengers today. The East Troy Electric Railroad and Museum. East troy Wisconsin USA.

Preserved Milwaukee city streetcar from 1924.

For people like Myself and a few others who were either "Born too late" to experience electric streetcars in their towns or citties, or others who weren't blessed living in a city like Toronto Canada, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, New Orleans Louisianna, San Francisco Califrnia or others that kept their systems operating in todays world, than this attraction north of Lake Geneva Wisconsin in the village of Eat Troy is the ticket for You.

City streetcars like this example from Milwaukee Wisconsin, operated both on streets of many urban citties, performed suburban service to immediate outlying towns, or
even travelled between small towns and citties in lightweight interurban service.

Buses, Highways, and personal automobiles eventually did them in, but some
survive today hauling museum patrons, and giving onr the feeling of how it
must have been like in Your Grand Parents time riding the trolley cars.

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