Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Digital Live Sound Video: Digitrax sound equipped Athearn H.O Scale EMD F-45 locomotives.

I photographed this unique digital live sound video, during a May 2010 visit to The Oak Park Society of Model Engineers H.O Scale Model Railroad Club in west suburban Oak Park Illinois.

It is hard to believe that these miniature 1/87 H.O Scale models of late 1960's era EMD F-45 Cowl carbody diesel locomotives, can actually put out that much noise. But then again....unlike the real railroads, it depends who is operating the volume control on the Digitrax controller. These locomotives are pulling a very long freight train on the club layout, and sound like they are working under load conditions just like the prototype did hauling freight trains.

The two locomotives are painted and decorated for the pre 1970 fallen flag railroad known as the Great Northern. It is the late 1960's era recreated in miniature, as the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy, The Great Northern, The Northern Pacific, and The Spokane Portland & Seatle Railroads merged on March 2nd 1970 becoming the Burlington Northern Railroad.

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