Thursday, June 24, 2010

Interior view of First Transit Ford paratransit bus #4183. ( Retired /Gone) Glenview Illinois USA. October 2008.

Driver's side interior view of Ford Paratransit bus # 4183.

One of the more unique buses at one time on the First Transit / North Cook County Bus Garge fleet, was this old 1990's era little Ford paratransit bus # 4183.

I was only assigned to drive this little bus once during My first year of employment as a paratransit driver.

I photographed this interior view with the unique plush vinyl seats. # 4183 was the only bus on the roster with this feature.

Aside from the fact that the wheelchair Q straint floor mounting brackets were not compatible with the ones on our other buses, this vechicle was used for Ambulatory passengers only. The wheelchair lift was operable though.

Age and mechanical issues eventually caught up to this vechicle, and this photo was taken shortly before retirement. New 2008 Ford paratransit buses were already on order and arriving shortly.

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