Friday, June 18, 2010

A former Penn Central EMD SW-1 switcher and N5 class caboose at Washington DC not long after the creation of Conrail. August 1976. From the internet.

Penn Central EMD SW-1 # 8558 with an N 5 class caboose in Washington DC. August 1976.

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The railroad Conrail, offially known as Cosolidated Rail Corp, was created by the United States Govorment under then U.S President Gerald Ford in April of 1976, to bail out and keep operating six important and very bankrupt northeastern United States railroads. The Penn Central was so broke financially, that it proboubly topped the list at the time.

It is August of 1976, and a now Conrail EMD SW-1 and class N-5 caboose, are viewed at work in Washington DC during America's BiCentenial year.

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