Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The abandoned Frosted Mug drive in restaurant. Alsip Illinois USA. February 2010.

The abandoned Frosted Mug drive in restaurant. Alsip Illinois. February 2010.

Hello everyone!

Welcome aboard the "Bus Day" edition of Eddie's Railfan Page.

A place I frequently visited in Chicago's south suburbs by the Chicago Transit Authority Route # 52A South Kedzie Avenue bus line before I owned My first car during the 1980's, was none other than the classic 1950's era Frosted Mug drive in restaurant located on South Pulaski Road at West 116th Street Street in the village of Alsip Illinois.

The Frosted Mug is only a few city blocks south of the CTA Route # 52A South Kedzie Avenue bus terminal loop at West 115th Street and South Springfield Avenue in Chicago's Mount Greenwood neighborhood at the city limits.

Although I would not own My first car until February of 1991, I always enjoyed eating good food at the Frosted Mug, and enjoying an occasional classic car show or two in their parking lot. They were also famous for their homemade root beer and year round car hop service. It was definately a surviving blast from Chicagoland's past. It was definately worth a bus ride there.

The Frosted Mug closed in late 2007 after being up for sale for a number of years.
The place was to be remodeled and opened again soon, but somehow that did not materialize. The old Frosted Mug has been abandoned for sometime now, however it looks like some of the remodeling has once again slowly started up again recently.
If nothing elese, the new exterior paint job looks nice.

I hope that they re open the old Frosted Mug as a classic 1950's and 60's era roadside drive in restaurant with car hop service again. I miss it.

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