Thursday, February 25, 2010

Westbound Kenosha Transit electric streetcar on 54th Street. Kenosha Wisconsin USA. January 2001.

Kenosha Wisconsin electric streetcar. Kenosha Wisconsin. January 2001.

I took this photo one very bitterly cold and windy Winter afternoon in the city of Kenosha Wisconsin, back in January of 2001.

With an outside termperature reading of 5 above zero Farenheight and sharp winds, I was out there capturing this photo of wintertime streetcar operations in downtown Kenosha Wisconsin. Kenosha had recently had major heavy lake effect snowstorms prior to My visit in January of 2001. Notice the window sill high snowbanks along the private right of way on 54th Street near the harbor area.

It was definately a day for wool hats, gloves, hot coffee and shelter. Brrrrrr!!!!!

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