Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Two 1970's era CTA GMC buses at the South Archer and Neva Avenue terminal loop. Chicago Illinois USA. April 1988.

Two 1970's era CTA GMC fishbowl windshield buses waiting at the Archer Avenue west terminal loop. Chicago Illinois. April 1988.

I took this photo one sunny and warm Springtime afternoon way back in April of 1988.

This Chicago Transit Authority bus terminal loop located at South Archer and Neva Avenues, is the west terminal for the CTA Route # 62 Archer / Harlem Avenue bus line.

Operating during their final decade of service, two CTA mid 1970's era GMC TDH series fishbowl windshield buses are viewed waiting for their scheduled departure times. This CTA bus terminal is located just east of the Chicago city limits at the border of southwest suburban Summit Illinois.

This photo was taken in Chicago's Garfield Ridge neighborhood near Midway Airport.

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