Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Eastbound short Canadian National local freight train. Hawthorne Junction. Chicago / Cicero Illinois USA. February 2007.

Eastbound short Canadian National train with an ex GTW EMD roadswitcher. Hawthorne Junction. Chicago / Cicero Illinois. febuary 2007.

I took this photo after work one evening in February 2007.

The entire Chicago area and many parts of the Midwest region, were suffering during what was known as "The Chicago Deep Freeze of February 2007". Conditions were very dangerous and bitterly cold, with avernight time lows at the zero mark or below. Daytime single digit temperatures and cold winds, created much infrastructure damage with many water main pipes breaking below street leval.

Here I am like a "Fool", out braving 8 degree above zero and rapidly falling temperature conditions with a sharp wind blowing in out of the west at Hawthorne Junction. Winter sunsets are quiete spectacular photo subjects, and I froze taking this one. No regrets though, it was worth it!

An eastbound Canadian National short two tank car freight train, is viewed departing from the former Illinois Central Hawthorne Yard in nearby Cicero Illinois at sunset.
The train is heading to the nearby Crawford Yard, with a former Grand Trunk Western EMD roadswitcher in the lead.

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