Thursday, February 25, 2010

Union Pacific EMD GP 15 UPY # 547 idling with a short cut of cars. Chicago Illinois USA. September 2007.

Union Pacific EMD GP 15 # 547. Chicago Illinois. September 2007.

I took this northside Chicago photo in September of 2007.

Seen here on the east side of the Illinois U.S Route # I -90 Kennedy Expressway near West North Avenue, is Union Pacific Railroad EMD GP-15 light roadswitcher # 547 idling with a short cut of cars in tow near a small former Chicago & NorthWestern Railroad yard facility.

The versatile EMD GP-15 was introduced during the mid 1970's as a replacement locomotive for the now againg EMD 1st Generation model GP-7 and 9 model roadswitchers. The Union Pacific utilizes them today for terminal and yard switching, as well as branchline switching locals.

The UPY next to the locomotive road number, is a system used by the Union Pacific to designate this locomotive for yard and terminal switching work assignments.

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