Thursday, February 25, 2010

The abandoned Frosted Mug drive in restaurant on South Pulaski Road. Alsip Illinois USA. February 2010.

The abandoned Frosted Mug drive in restaurant. Alsip Illinois. February 2010.

I took this photo last Sunday afternoon in south suburban Alsip Illinois.

For many years begining in 1985 for Myself, the Frosted Mug drive in was always a favorite and fun place I always enjoyed visiting. I would come here often during the 1980's and enjoy great food and classic car shows in the ambiance of an old 1950's era roadside drive in restaurant with year round car hop service.

This place also had a railfan connection for Me as well, as many times I would walk or bicycle to the Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad mainline just south of here at 123rd Street with My 35mm camera in hand.

The Frosted Mug closed for remodelig in late 2007 after being up for sale a good while, but has since not reopened yet. The initial remodeling work had came to a stop at some point, but it looks like some of it may have resumed recently.

This view shows the car hop service canopy with the now missing Frosted Mug plastic sign. The greater Chicagoland area once had many roadside drive in restaurants with car hop service during the Baby Boomer era, but most had disappeared by the mid 1970's. The Frosted Mug was one of the last ones of it's kind in the Chicago area.

I hope it reopens again soon as a roadside drive in with car hop service. I really miss the Pit Bar B Q sandwiches, the hot Chilli, Pizza Burgers,Malts, Homemade Root Beer and classic car show events in the parking lot.

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