Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hamburger Heaven drive in restaurant. Elmhurst Illinois USA. July 2008.

Hamburger Heaven Drive In. Elmhurst illinois. July 2008.

Seeing how the greater Chicagoland area and many other parts of the nation are having a long and difficult Winter season so far in 2010, I felt that it was time to post a nice happy summertime photo to escape the Wintertime blahs.

During the long Winter season, it is easy for one to long for the seasonal pleasures, activities and refreshments associated with the upcoming Spring and Summer seasons. ( Hang in their folks. It won't be too much longer.)

A happy Summertime memory for many local Chicago area residents, are those hot summer evenings enjoying soft serve ice cream at a local fast food stand or vintage Drive In Restaurant, like the still standing 1950's era Hamburger Heaven drive in.
Located on the southeast corner of York Street and North Avenue in west suburban Elmhurst Illinois, this seasonal old Baby Boomer era drive in restaurant with a walk uo window is a blast from Chicago area summer evenings past.

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