Thursday, February 18, 2010

Orange Gomaco 4 wheel replica trolley car. The Memphis Main Street Trolley. Memphis Tennesee USA. September 2007.

Orange 4 wheel Gomaco replica trolley. The Memphis Main Street Trolley. Memphis Tennesee. September 2007.

I took this photo during a September 2007 vacation to the city of Memphis Tennesee.

Seen here at the intersection of Madison Avenue and Main Street in downtown Memphis, is a popular local attraction known as The Memphis main Street Trolley.

The orange car shown here, is a replica of a typical early 1900's era American 4 wheel single truck electric streetcar. The car was manufactured by the Gomaco Corporation of Ida Grove Iowa USA.

Gomaco refurbishes old electric streetcars, builds replicas, and also manufactures the popular rubber tired trolley bus vechicles used by many sightseeing companys in many North American citties today.

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