Saturday, February 20, 2010

Former D,T & I and GTW locomotives idling at the Grand Trunk Western RR's former Elsdon Yard site. Chicago Illinois USA. June 1984.

D,T & I and GTW EMD locomotives idling at the former Grand Trunk Western Elsdon Yard site. Chicago Illinois. June 1984.

I took this photo one hazy summer day way back in June of 1984.

Seen here just immediately north of adjacent West 51st Street between South St. louis and South Lawndale Avenues in Chicago's Elsdon neighborhood, are EMD roadswitcher diesel locootives idling at the recently closed GTW Elsdon Yard site.

The Grand Trunk Western Railroad had officially closed their old steam era Elsdon Yard in October of 1983, and moved their former Elsdon switching operations to the Belt Railway of Chicago Clearing Yard in Bedford Park Illinois.

For a few years after the fact, this little segment of the former Elsdon Yard site, was used as a makeshift locomotive and crew terminal until September of 1986 at least.

Seen here idling on th curve by the small office building, are orange EMD roadswitcher locomotives acquired second hand through the merger and absorbtion of the Detroit, Toledo & Ironton Railroad in 1981, as well as some regular Grand Trunk Western locomotives as well.

Locomotives were fueled on site here via a tractor and trailer semi tanker truck on occasion as well.

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