Thursday, February 04, 2010

First Transit 2001 Chevrolet paratransit bus # 5070. ( Gone-Retired) Glenview Illinois USA. October 2008.

First Transit 2001 Chevrolet paratransit bus # 5070. ( Gone / Retired) Glenview Illinois. October 2008.

I took this photo during My early days as a Paratransit driver at First Transit back in October of 2008.

I had just finished performing My mandatory pre trip vechicle inspection on a Saturday morning, and would soon be heading out on the road for the days pick ups.

I periodically drove 2001 Chevrolet paratransit bus # 5070 during My first year of employment at First Transit. It operated pretty well most of the time, but was begining to experience repeated mechanical problems by the time I took this photo.

The bus was retired approximately one month later in November of 2008, as several new 2008 Ford buses began arriving at the Glenview garage facility.
The Chevrolet bus had a tendency to ride rough and the springs would bounce the bus around a lot on uneven pavement.

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